Non-surgical procedures offer results that are similar to surgical results with little to no recovery time. For those who do not need correction of sagging skin, are hesitant about committing to surgery, or do not have the time for recovery from surgery, non-surgical procedures are an excellent option. The results of some of these procedures are not permanent and may need more than one treatment session to maintain the best outcome. Dr. Danau can help you discover the option that will best meet your needs during your initial consultation.

non-surgical proceduresNon-surgical procedures include several popular moderately invasive procedures such as muscle relaxant, soft tissue fillers and laser treatments.  Although non-surgical, these procedures do carry some risk and, depending on the treatment, can require a brief period of time for healing to occur.  These procedures have become quite popular in recent years because they are more affordable and require less downtime than surgical procedures. Dr Danau has extensive experience with these procedures.